10 Things About Me

This is officially my first blog on the website! And I pondered what I should talk about here so please send me a message if you have any ideas for topics! Truth is I have a LOT of ideas, specifically about home décor and interior design. So stay tuned! Today.....I'm sharing 10 things you may not know about me!

1) My first vehicle was a 1985 Chev Wrangler truck. 

2) I have 3 siblings. All sisters. 

3) I've had MANY jobs over the years, however the strangest was taking orders for random 1-800 numbers in a call centre. I'll leave the rest to the imagination...

4) I spend far too much on clothing, shoes, and home décor. 

5) My celebrity crush is Chris Pratt. 

6) I snore...sometimes very loudly. 

7) My life moto is: Progress over Perfection

8) My hobbies are baking, doing puzzles, and of course sewing.

9) I am an introvert, but love meeting new people. 

10) I'm not sure how often I will blog. LOL


- Cheers,