All About Custom Orders

Hello all!

Over a year ago I stated I was going to start blogging on my website regularly and all I got posted was an intro. Well, here we are one year into a global pandemic, and I’m starting up again.

One of the topics I get asked about most is custom orders. Truth is I spend the majority of my time working on custom orders while my website inventory gets slightly neglected. I get the most joy from custom orders because they are often the finishing touches on a renovation or part of sprucing up someone’s home.

So here we go! These are some frequently asked  about custom orders.

1. How long does it to complete an order from beginning to end?

It really depends on the scope of the project. A couple 20” x 20” pillows would take a week or 2 to select and order in fabric and sew. A larger custom bench seat takes at least 3 weeks to design, choose fabric, gather supplies and assemble. 

An outdoor furniture set takes longer. Approximately 5-6 weeks from beginning to end. Often there are other variables at play as well. Usually I have other projects in between that I work on and the availability of supplies.

2. How do I place an order?

All orders begin with you simply messaging me through Facebook or Instagram. I check those messages regularly and get back as soon as possible. Or if you have my business card from a tradeshow either texting, calling or emailing works. 

It definitely helps if you have measurements for the project already. For example, if it’s a custom dining banquette or window bench cushion. But I’m also able to come and measure the space if it’s more complex.

I will provide a quote on the project costs and we go from there! I would get an idea of your personal style and choose fabric based on that. We would also decide if a zipper is needed or decorative cording is desired.

3. What types of custom projects are possible?

That also depends! While my skill set is expanding, I have completed projects such as:

  • Pillows
  • Ottoman covers
  • Floor cushions
  • Foot poufs
  • Bench cushions
  • Outdoor furniture cushions (recovering and new)
  • Rocking chair seat pads
  • Bar stool covers
  • Dining nook seating

4. Are there fabric swatches to choose from?

I don’t carry specific fabric brands but I do order in swatches from different suppliers.

The fabric search typically begins with pictures of fabric and we narrow it down together. Sometimes it can be a lot of back and forth to get the right one.

If we are confident in the fabric based on images of it I would order it. Sometimes it makes sense to bring in a sample swatch to see the texture and weight so that is also possible.

Thats all for now! I can see this blog getting updated frequently as I gather more questions. 

- Randi