How to choose a pillow insert?

Now you’d think this would be a simple subject but there are actually quite a few things to consider when choosing pillow inserts. First things first, pillow inserts and forms are the same thing. Sometimes they are called inner cushions (this is what IKEA calls them). 

When choosing the type of insert to use the filling is important to consider. There are 3 main types:

  1. Poly fibre fill
  2. Feather down fill
  3. Faux down fill

Poly fibre fill inserts are great for outdoor pillows. They are light weight and hold their shape really well. One disadvantage of these (in my opinion) is that they aren’t plush so they can’t be moulded or shaped. Not great for napping!

Feather down fill inserts create the best shape for pillows. They can be fluffed and are super cozy. However, some people don’t like that they don’t hold their shape as well. Hence having to constantly fluff your pillows! Over time, some feather inserts have feathers poke through which can be annoying.

Another alternative that I’ve been using more recently are faux down fill inserts. They have the softness and plushness of a feather insert, but without the feathers. Instead they are filled with microfibre.

Of course it’s also important to consider the size of the insert. I’ve made covers for pillow inserts of all sizes. However standard size throw pillows are 18 inches and 20 inches.

And lastly, I often forget to mention to customers that all the pillow covers I make are a 1/2 inch smaller than the insert size. For example, a 20 inch insert would come with a 19.5 inch cover. This ensures that the pillow looks extra full.

If you are on the hunt for inserts I do carry a small inventory. Here are some of the places I get mine:

1) Indigo


3) Restoration Hardware

If you are willing to shop online for them there are an abundance of options!

Happy choosing!